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One-off Events

    Summer Quiz  -  Thursday, 10 June 2021  @ 7:30 pm

    • Join Awen for a light hearted quiz - this may be on Zoom or it may be in person, it depends on the rules - whichever way you will be most welcome.

    Regluar Events

      FAN Friends and Neighbours Group   -  Monday, 12 April 2021  @ 2:00 pm

      • Our FAN Friends and Neighbours group meets weekly on Zoom.  If you are feeling you would like to meet more people locally come along!  If you are practising new English skills FAN is a good place to try them out. Phone Sarah on 07880632553 for more information, to get the Zoom link and if you have not tried Zoom then we can help you become confident using it. 

      Monthly Book Group on Teams  -  Saturday, 1 May 2021  @ 3:30 pm

      • The Hyb's book group is now meeting on line on Thursdays at 3.30pm.  Next meeing 1st April.  Do join if you can - get the Teams link by emailing  and if you are not familiar with Teams then they will be delighted to help you.  

      Remembering Old Whitchurch Monthly Meetings on Zoom  -  Friday, 7 May 2021  @ 2:15 pm

      • Join our popular reminiscence group on Zoom.  Come and share your memories of the past.  Current projects Whitchurch during the Second World War and a Whitchurch Time Line.  Our meeting on 7th April has Geoff Atkins from Melingriffith Band sharing their history.  So if you are interested in music or history there will be lots to enjoy.  Zoom invite Join Zoom Meeting

        Meeting ID: 336 654 6191
        Passcode: AWEN21

        If you are not used to joining Zoom email AWEN for help.